The third victim of Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed has been identified by the Hennepin County coroner. Mustafa reportedly ambushed hero Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell on the street in broad daylight. Mustafa had reportedly just shot two men in a nearby Blaisdell Ave. apartment.

Mustafa, aged 35, himself was gunned down by responding officers. Two first responders were injured, in addition to innocent civilians, in the shootout with Mustafa.

We had previously delved into the backstory of Mustafa and his first victim, Osman Said Jimale, aged 32. Mustafa’s next victim, Mohamed Bashir Aden, aged 36, succumbed to his wounds in the hospital over the weekend.

Yesterday, the coroner issued a press release on Aden. In recent years, Aden was convicted of a series of misdemeanors relating to trespassing and property damage charges at Minnesota gambling casinos. By my count, four different casinos were involved.

At the time of Aden’s murder, an active warrant was out for his arrest, for failure to appear in yet another 2022 trespassing case involving a fifth casino, this one in Anoka County.

More seriously, on April 1, Aden was arrested in Minneapolis on a 1st degree felony charge involving fentanyl distribution and a handgun.

At 2:30 am, police found Aden slumped over in a running car, parked on a sidewalk. They found 1,600 fentanyl pills and $1,300 in cash, in addition to the firearm. According to police, Aden was the driver, with one unidentified passenger.

As for the drugs, the alleged haul included the following:

Aden was facing a maximum 40-year sentence in the case, but he managed to post a $100,000 bond. His next hearing was scheduled for the end of June.

Unfortunately for Aden, he was out free and found himself on Blaisdell Ave. on the afternoon of May 30.

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