Make a Difference on Election Day!

The role of Poll Challengers is crucial in maintaining the integrity and fairness of the electoral process. By observing the election and challenging the eligibility of voters they know to be ineligible, Poll Challengers help ensure that each vote cast is legitimate and in compliance with electoral laws. This is vital in upholding the democratic principle of one person, one vote, and prevents potential voting fraud or errors. Moreover, their presence can enhance voter confidence in the election system, as it demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accuracy. Being a volunteer position, it also encourages civic engagement and allows citizens to directly participate in the democratic process, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of how elections are conducted.

Poll Challengers must be assigned by a party entity. The poll challenger’s duty is to observe the election process and challenge the votes of anyone they know is ineligible to vote.  “Know” is determined by personal knowledge (i.e. You overhear someone in line saying they already voted at another precinct) or you know the individual personally.

Each political party is allowed ONE CHALLENGER per precinct. All training and scheduling is created and coordinated at the state level but delivered through a Congressional District volunteer. Poll challengers will be assigned late summer 2024. Poll challengers are volunteers.  They are not paid and they do not get paid time off from work. 


    Poll challenger requirements:

    • Must be eligible to vote and registered in a precinct

    • Must be 18 years of age

    • Competent

    • Noncriminal

    • Must be a Minnesota resident 

    How do I become an Election Judge?

    Sign up at the Precinct Caucus Registration Table or go to Steele County Auditor Office or online at MN Secretary of State office