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93rd Legislature Concludes with Some Wins Amongst Misplaced Priorities

Saint Paul, MN — Multiple provisions supported by Representative Patricia Mueller (R – Austin) pass through the legislative process before chaos erupts in the final moments of the 93rd legislature. These include the language from H.F. 4215 in the public safety and judiciary bill that provides funding for therapy dogs for our first responders, funding for a water and wastewater operator training program at Riverland from H.F. 3475, as well as $30 million in critical emergency medical services (EMS) funding.

“We’ve heard from countless Minnesotans how investing in our workforce pays back manyfold.” Said Rep. Mueller. “Rural EMS is in desperate need for support to be able to continue to provide reliable service for Minnesotans. This is a huge win along with creating the water and wastewater operator training program at Riverland. These will both help prepare our workforce for the needs of southern Minnesota.”

Unfortunately, these wins are cast in the dark shadow of a chaotic end of the legislative session with much of the remaining legislation amended into the tax bill in order to pass before the 11:59 PM deadline. This included shutting down debate on the over 2,000 page bill that was not even available for the public to see.

“I find it extremely disheartening that the majority felt the need to use such extreme measures to pass their agenda. We showed earlier in the week that it was possible to work timely on bills when they received proper vetting through the committee process. When that collaborative work is not done in committee then these bills must be fully vetted on the House floor.”

“I hope the members of the majority who will be returning in the future learn from this boondoggle because Minnesotans expect us to do better.”


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