I wanted to provide an update today on a column I submitted last month concerning school resources officers (SROs) and their departures from many schools across Minnesota.


You may recall legislative Democrats passed a bill Governor Walz signed into law that many believe could put an officer at risk for legal action until the legislature clarifies this law.


Democrats continue to point to an opinion offered by Attorney General Keith Ellison, who believes the amended law does not limit the types of reasonable force that can be used by officers. However, Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty released a contradicting interpretation of the law, suggesting that school resource officers could still be charged criminally.  These contradictions make it imperative that the legislature finish its work to maintain the safety of all teachers, staff, and students.  However, the legislature isn’t scheduled back into session for another 4 months, unless the Governor calls a special session. I do hope he does, as impacted schools cannot afford to wait.


Unfortunately, this situation further exemplifies how the Democrat led legislature has dropped the ball in its due diligence in passing laws that are fully vetted and with input from all interested parties. Over the last two biennia we have had to come back and fix issues that developed after passage and enactment. The THC Content bill and the recreational marijuana bill are just two examples that have left cities and counties scratching their heads on what they can and cannot do. We need to do better.


In closing, I want to ask that we all keep in our prayers the people in the middle east who find themselves in the midst of the conflict.  Innocent civilians on both sides are dealing with injury, pain and even death.  Our prayers need to be never ending on their behalf.  

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