Minnesota Reformer: Uber and Lyft are the corporations that cry wolf

WCCO: Will Uber and Lyft really leave the Twin Cities? Deadline nears for rideshare wage compromise

Star Tribune: If Uber, Lyft leave Minneapolis, nearly a dozen competing rideshare firms ready to fill the void

MPR News: Frey again pushes Minneapolis City Council to reconsider Uber/Lyft ordinance

The Minnesota Daily: Here’s what we know about Uber and Lyft’s planned exit from Minneapolis in May

Pioneer Press: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, hospitality industry urge compromise on Uber, Lyft wages

Bring Me the News: The latest on rideshare debate as Frey repeats call for compromise

KSTP: Business and community leaders in Minneapolis urge council to rethink rideshare ordinance

Minn Post: Lawmakers are about to raise the cost of your internet

Minnesota Reformer: Uber says it will delay departure until July 1 if Minneapolis pushes back minimum rate enactment

Star Tribune: Minneapolis City Council members may postpone start of Uber, Lyft minimum wage ordinance by two months

WCCO: Minneapolis City Council to consider delaying rideshare ordinance implementation to July 1

Lakes Area Radio: Minneapolis Considers Delaying Minimum Wage Ordinance for Ride-Hailing Apps

Minn Post: Small businesses fear big problems with proposed minimum wage bill

Sahan Journal: Minneapolis City Council could push back start of new Uber, Lyft driver pay rules to July

Pioneer Press: Minneapolis City Council delays wage hike for rideshare drivers to July 1

Minnesota Reformer: Amid standoff at Capitol over Uber and Lyft driver pay, Minneapolis council delays its ordinance

Star Tribune: Uber, Lyft drivers support Minneapolis City Council’s postponement of pay ordinance

State and local taxes and spending

Detroit Lakes Online: New general sales tax referendum for Detroit Lakes discussed at Economic Summit

Alexandria Echo Press: An Echo Press Editorial: Minnesota carries high income tax burden

Winona Post: MN unemployment rate, job numbers steady in February

Minnesota Reformer: Minnesota poised to pass new property forfeiture laws after U.S. Supreme Court ruling, settlement

KDHL: How Are Minnesota Vehicle Tabs Calculated and Why So Expensive?

Labor market

Winona Post: MN unemployment rate, job numbers steady in February

KIMT 3: Area employers using higher wages and on-the-job training to attract workers

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